SMB Operating Systems

I had an interesting conversation today with a founder who’s taking the hassle out of tasks most of us hate doing. His business is experiencing tremendous growth this year. As we talked about it, I realized he’s built a great workflow management business. He’s solving for a consumer pain point and helping the small businesses that do certain tasks for consumers run their businesses more efficiently.

After connecting small businesses with consumers, the founder realized that the business owners needed help executing the work efficiently. They’re routinely sent too few or too many jobs. Or the jobs would arrive late. As he listened to his clients’ challenges, his company built feature after feature until one day the small businesses ran everything through his company’s system. These businesses are now able to do almost double the number of jobs in a day because this system helps them execute more efficiently. The software is helping them grow their businesses.

I’m a big fan of workflow management businesses, especially those that empower small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). I think we’ll continue to see more tools that empower SMBs to grow their businesses. I can’t wait to watch the journey of this founder and his company. I think they’re on to something huge!