SMBs in Laggard Industries

I chatted with a founder who’s solving problems for the trucking industry. He has a great understanding of the industry and can build a solution to solve its problems. I love to understand the unique insight a founder has that will allow them to succeed. This founder shared that most truck drivers aspire to more. They want to be entrepreneurs and run a trucking company, not just one rig. Yet they don’t have the know-how or tools to go beyond one rig.

Laggard industries aren’t sexy, but they’re a great entrepreneurial opportunity. Especially as things move from physical to digital in these industries.

Talking with this founder illuminated the probability that there’s a large opportunity to help entrepreneurs build small and midsize businesses (SMBs) in laggard industries. More people are embracing an internal locus of control and, with it, the belief that entrepreneurship can be the vehicle that gives them control of their life. A solution that allows these entrepreneurs to do more with less, or to do something they otherwise couldn’t do, will likely build a loyal customer base and a big business.