Spotters Create Their Own Paths

I’ve been thinking about “Spotter” entrepreneurs lately. I’ve been talking to them and trying to understand what traits make someone a spotter and especially what traits the top 1% of them have. So far, I’ve learned that spotters are gifted at discovery, thinking in probabilities, and evaluating risk and return.

Another trait is a burning desire to create their own path. Spotters are intelligent, and they work hard. This combination means that they usually have available a variety of paths for working for others. Sometimes they will work for others, but it’s usually to learn, establish relationships, etc. Great spotters ultimately want to build their own companies and blaze their own trails. Even if that means taking on more uncertainty and less pay. They know they can build a company that creates value for others and wealth for themselves. They’re willing to forgo the stable income they’d get working for someone else for the potential outsize outcome that awaits if they’re successful. Said differently, spotters want to bet on themselves.

Sidenote: Some top-1% spotters have ties to Atlanta or live in Atlanta. One prominent spotter who sold his company for over $1 billion got his start in Atlanta. More on this later.