Taking Technology for Granted

In August, I taught a lesson lab for Start It Up Georgia. The experience was great and the turnout was huge. There’s clearly a desire for something that helps people start companies in these uncertain times. Today I had the opportunity to connect with five entrepreneurs who are participating in the program. One question everyone was asked: “What piece of technology do you take for granted?”

I learned a lot from this discussion. Most of them chose their cell phone, for various reasons. With less in-person communication and people tired of Zoom meetings, phone calls are more appreciated. The ability to do tasks on a phone while walking in the fresh air was also mentioned. Very interesting altogether.

Also mentioned was high-speed home internet. With so many working from home (and spending all day on Zoom), it was a great choice. Without high-speed internet, productivity wouldn’t be what it’s been over the last seven months. I believe it’s one of the reasons many companies are considering allowing working from home indefinitely.

What piece of technology do you take for granted?