Teams Will Have Their Ups and Downs

Yesterday I watched an MLS game and noticed something interesting. The game was overshadowed by an unfortunate dynamic on the home team. The star player and the coach weren’t seeing eye to eye, so the player sat out the game. His team lost. There’s no guarantee the home team would’ve won if their star had been on the field, but naturally the fans, including me, wondered.

As in most relationships in life, teams go through their ups and downs. There will be wins and losses. Good days and bad. It’s normal—part of the journey. The teams that achieve greatness find a way to ride it out when things go wrong and stay united in their goal. They continue to operate as a team.

Building a big company requires a team. Founders should be mindful that keeping their team united and motivated to move toward the goal is one of their main responsibilities as the leader. Compromise will be required. People will have to put their egos aside at some point. At the end of the day, it’ll be worth it if the team wins together!