The Economy Is Changing. Training Is Critical.

Amazon announced an initiative to offer free cloud computing training. Its goal is to help 29 million people globally grow their skills in cloud computing by 2025. I got really excited when I read about this. Cloud computing is exploding. I believe it will continue growing for the foreseeable future. Amazon will provide knowledge and training (free of charge) and help many people excel in this emerging industry rather than watch it from the sidelines.

I recently talked with a close friend about declining industries and their impact on my hometown and similar communities. When a dominant industry declines, its workers often have trouble finding employment because many players in that space are downsized at the same time. They may not have the necessary skills for roles in other industries with comparable pay. They end up taking jobs that pay less, which has a ripple effect on the local community. Over time, this has a negative impact on all aspects of the community and is hard to reverse. Communities once dominated by the steel industry but now struggling are an example.

Our economy is changing faster than ever. We’ve seen revenue redistribution and other factors accelerate growth in some sectors and bring others to their knees. The pace of change highlights the need to help our workforce adapt. That’s why I got excited when I read about Amazon’s initiative. I like its approach and hope that others replicate it. It will help many people if more growing industries have the foresight to invest in skills training early. I also hope that we provide more support and resources to aspiring entrepreneurs to accelerate new business creation. These two things will provide the foundation local communities need to continue thriving and adapting to our changing economy.