To Understand a Founder, Find Out What Fuels Their Grit

One of the traits I look for in founders is grit. Building something from scratch is hard. Lots of doors will be closed in your face, and you’ll hear “no” a lot (or nothing at all). Founders need to be able to power through all that and move the needle forward. When things look bleak, that’s when founders separate themselves from others by pushing through and finding a way.

What matters just as much as grit? The why behind it. Founders may have to run through walls. What’s fueling them so they can do it? Where is their passion coming from? When you understand this, you’ve really begun to understand the founder. You understand how they’re wired and why they’re doing what they’re doing.

When I spend time getting to know founders, I learn the why behind their grit when I hear the childhood memories forever etched in their brains. The insecurities (we all have them), fears, and other factors that drive them.

Grit is required, and understanding what’s fueling a founder’s grit is important too.