Unproductive Meetings and Serendipity

I listened to Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha’s new podcast. The latest episode was interesting and resonated with me in ways I didn’t expect. They discussed hustling strategies and how people who are great at generating serendipity are curious and love to learn. They may not have an end or destination in mind, but they dive into things because they interest them. Reid dubbed these people “infinite learners” and named a host of wildly successful people who fit this persona.

Reid went on to share his belief that keeping the bar for meetings low enough to allow for serendipity is important. The occasional unproductive meeting is good, he thinks. It means you’re being diverse and risky in deciding whom to meet with, which allows for serendipity. I thought his take on this was fascinating, given how busy he is.

Serendipity is powerful and helped me immensely. Reid’s perspective on being riskier in setting up meetings is something I’ll think about more.