We All Win When We Pay It Forward

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on a project that’s important to me. I realized in its later stages that I don’t  have the skills required to complete certain tasks. I humbly reached out to others and asked for help.

Over the years I’ve had many opportunities. Most came through other people. Some of my luckiest opportunities weren’t the result of my hard work. I just knew the right person. I’ve always been mindful and appreciative of the help these people provided. They didn’t have to help me, but I’m grateful that they did. For this reason, I try my hardest to be there to support others in their time of need.

My requests for help this week were received openheartedly. My time frame was tight, and I made sure to communicate that (so people could opt out). Everyone said no problem; they’d be happy to help.

Healthy relationships truly are bidirectional. They require regular goodwill deposits by both parties. The responses I received to requests for help on short notice qualify, big-time!  Entrepreneurs (and everyone else, for that matter) should be mindful of this.

Doing things for others out of the goodness of your heart with no expectation of getting anything in return is one of the cornerstones of healthy relationships and communities. I think it’s also the foundation of a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem. Your good deed today will inspire someone else’s good deed tomorrow. If everyone operates in this manner, the ecosystem will be strong and everyone can go farther, faster!