Weekly Reflection: Week Eighty-Five

Today marks the end of my eighty-fifth week of working from home (mostly). Here are my takeaways from week eighty-five:

  • Partnership mindset – I’m a big believer in the saying that there are no perfect people, only perfect teams. This week reminded me that partnership is important to doing something great. The partnership journey isn’t always easy, so alignment early on is important. You might disagree on how to get there, but you can compromise because you know you’re both trying to get to the same place.  
  • Hustle – I meet with founders and investors every week. The ones who are hustlers consistently stand out. Hustle is a big part of their success. I noticed this again this week.    
  • Common threads – Wrote about this a bit this week. Finding ways to relate to people has been helpful in getting to know them. I do this naturally, but I want to be more intentional about it.
  • Giving back – I was able to give back and help somebody out this week, and it felt good. I’m rooting for him and expecting him to do amazing things in life and business.

Week eighty-five was a good one. I was in a groove and made progress on important things. I hope to repeat that next week.