Weekly Reflection: Week Eighty-Two

Today marks the end of my eighty-second week of working from home (mostly). Here are my takeaways from week eighty-two:

  • Schedule – I’ve been doing a better job of managing my schedule a few weeks out. It’s more of a mix, now, of time open to others and protected time. This week and last, that helped me be more efficient and get things done.  
  • Future thinking – I shared my thoughts on future thinking in a post this week. It’s especially important when you’re looking at a window of opportunity that’s about to close. I’ve been reflecting on this more. The people I’ve seen build amazing companies and have outsize successes (personally and professionally) are future thinkers. They see the world through a lens of what’s possible, not what is.
  • Pace – Just like last week, this week was busy. Next week will be too. Lots to do before the holidays.  

Week eighty-two was another busy week. More of the same is coming for the rest of this month.