Weekly Reflection: Week Fifty-One

Today marks the end of my fifty-first week of working from home (mostly). Here are my takeaways from week fifty-one:

  • Learn by listening – I sat in on some great conversations where I was able to just listen. It was a good learning experience. Something about not participating allowed me to absorb and retain more information. (I guess it’s true what they say—people listen better if they’re not thinking about what they’re going to say.)
  • Scheduling Lots of last-minute scheduling changes this week. I coped, but it definitely threw me off and will have ramifications next week. Stuff happens. I’m playing the hand I’m dealt as best I can.
  • Zoom fatigue – I’ve written about this many times. It’s a real thing (for me at least) and hit me hard this week.
  • Pace – March is shaping up to be a very busy month. Interesting how the beginning of the year (January, specifically) felt much slower. I imagine this pace will continue into the spring.

Week fifty-one was fast-paced and productive for sure. Pretty sure this will be the pace for the rest of the month.