Weekly Reflection: Week Forty-Five

Today marks the end of my forty-fifth week of working from home (mostly). Here are my takeaways from week forty-five:

  • Pace – This week’s pace was swift. It felt like everything hit at once. There was lots of activity in a variety of unrelated areas.
  • A little win – I’ve been working on a project since last spring. It’s been challenging, but I had a little win this week. It was nice . . . it felt good to see my hard work pay off a little. I still have tons of work to do on the project, but this win stoked my motivation.
  • Learning from mistakes – I read this post and it stuck with me all week.  It was a reminder that a mistake is a learning opportunity, which is a good thing. If I want to learn, I must accept that I’ll continue to make mistakes. And I do! The key is to not make the same ones I’ve made before.

Week forty-five was a normal week. A little busy, but pretty normal overall.