Weekly Reflection: Week Forty-Seven

Today marks the end of my forty-seventh week of working from home (mostly). Here are my takeaways from week forty-seven:

  • Compromise – Getting everything you want all the time sounds good, but achieving something great is usually the result of compromise. This week was a reminder of that.
  • Weather – The weather was extreme this week in many parts of the country. I’ve talked to friends and family enduring unimaginable conditions. I hope that everyone who’s affected by all this weirdness will soon be able to feel safe in their homes and return to normalcy (whatever that looks like).
  • Relationships – Other people’s help has been instrumental in my journey so far. This week was a reminder that healthy relationships are bidirectional. It made me appreciate my relationships and look for ways to add value to others’ lives.

Week forty-seven was about focus. I worked steadily and was productive. Next week, I hope to replicate that.