Weekly Reflection: Week Forty-Six

Today marks the end of my forty-sixth week of working from home (mostly). Here are my takeaways from week forty-six:

  • Tools – I often look for tools to help make me more efficient. I was reminded this week that I should take the time to learn the tools I use. A great tool that isn’t used properly is of limited usefulness.
  • Accountability – We don’t always want it, but we always need it. Another reminder this week: accountability is key to outsize success. I do a decent job holding myself accountable, but I push myself more when I’m accountable to someone else.      
  • Culture – I had a great conversation with a friend about how working from home will affect company culture. I believe that workforces working from home exclusively or for long periods will have a negative impact on culture. My friend does too. I’ll be watching this and discussing it with company leaders throughout the year.

Week forty-six was a hectic one. It’s over now. Whew!