Weekly Reflection: Week One Hundred Fifty-One

This is my one-hundred-fifty-first weekly reflection. Here are my takeaways from this week:

  • Context switching A founder this week reminded me how hard it is to switch between thinking high level and being in the weeds of an early-stage company. I remember those days but haven’t lived them from a founder perspective in years. I found success using lunch as a natural mental break. It can be tempting to skip the high-level thinking when there are constant fire drills, but I learned the hard way that that’s a mistake. Consistently making time to think high level is something exceptional founders and people who achieve outsize outcomes do well.
  • Gratitude – There’s always something that isn’t going right or could be better. Conversely, something’s always going right or could be worse. Continual improvement is important, but it isn’t my sole focus anymore. Practicing gratitude and being thankful have helped give me a more balanced perspective.
  • Failed goal – Years ago, I set a goal. This week, I officially didn’t achieve it. Looking back, I realize why I didn’t. I should have spent more time sharing my goal. I should have spent more time learning about how others had accomplished similar goals. I should have focused on the habits required to achieve the goal. I learned a lot from this miss, so it wasn’t a failure. Just a painful learning experience. Today I set a new goal that’s bigger than the one I failed to accomplish.

Week one hundred fifty-one was a great week. Looking forward to next week!