Weekly Reflection: Week One Hundred Forty-Four

Today marks the end of my one-hundred-forty-fourth week of working from home (mostly). Here are my takeaways from week one hundred forty-four:

  • Christmas It’s always great to spend holidays with family and friends. This year’s Christmas was cold but a good time. We didn’t do Christmas in 2021, and that’s something I hope to never have to repeat.
  • Year end – Tomorrow is the last day of 2022. What a year it was. Lots of highs and lows, but more importantly lots of growth. Looking forward to 2023.
  • Public markets – The last two weeks, I’ve had more friends share contrarian views on public market valuations. They’re expressing optimism even though headlines are gloom and doom. Not sure if holiday downtime prompted people to pay closer attention to the latest market movements and share their views. Or something else. I noticed a pattern, though.
  • Rest-of-year plans – I shared my holiday plans last week, which helped me be intentional and stick to the plan.

Week one hundred forty-four was a quiet week. Looking forward to next week!