Weekly Reflection: Week One Hundred Forty-Six

This is my one-hundred-forty-sixth weekly reflection. Here are my takeaways from this week:

  • Fundraising season – I talked to several founders this week, asking for feedback on fundraising materials. Some attempted to raise last year, but market conditions were too bad. Some simply delayed raising. I suspect that starting around February a significant number of companies will kick off fundraising.
  • Wise people – I researched Charlie Munger and noted some of his lessons learned. He’s got almost 100 years of wisdom. Seeking out the wisdom of highly successful people has such a high ROI. With platforms such as YouTube, podcasts, and good old books that are available online, their wisdom is more accessible than it’s ever been. I wonder if people realize its value.
  • Multipliers Founders who have this mindset are on a different level than other founders. The potential reward of multiplying is worth the risk of betting it all (or most of it), in their mind. I like this mindset, and I’m thinking about ways to identify the multiplier trait when founders are first starting out.

Week one hundred forty-six was a solid week. Looking forward to next week!