Weekly Reflection: Week One Hundred Seventy

This is my one-hundred-seventieth weekly reflection. Here are my takeaways from this week:

  • Entrepreneurial swings – I caught up with an entrepreneur friend. Two years ago, things didn’t look good, and he wasn’t sure his company would survive. Today it’s thriving and kicking off more cash than he knows what to do with. Things can swing from one pole to another fairly quickly for entrepreneurs. The key is to persevere.
  • Q2 – The quarter is officially over. It went by quickly. Hard to believe we’re halfway through the year. Looking forward to the second half of 2023.
  • Workflow management – I’m optimistic about workflow management technology. Companies can’t just throw people at problems anymore and will actively be seeking software solutions. Many companies’ focus on efficiency is blowing up a strong tailwind for start-ups solving painful workflow management problems. These are B2B companies solving unsexy problems, which is a combination that can create a great foundation for a business.
  • July 4th – Next Tuesday is a holiday. Looking forward to spending time with family and friends and reading a few new books.

Week one hundred seventy was a steady week. Looking forward to next week!