Weekly Reflection: Week One Hundred Twenty-Two

Today marks the end of my one-hundred-twenty-second week of working from home (mostly). Here are my takeaways from week one hundred twenty-two:

  • July – Today is the last business day of the month. July flew by, and the end of summer is fast approaching. I want to make the most of these last few summer weeks.
  • Good people – This week was a reminder that the world is super small and good people know other good people. I connected with someone in another country, and it turned out that we have many unexpected mutual acquaintances. Those people helped me quickly understand that my new connection is a quality person.
  • Hustle time – I had conversations with a few friends working on new ideas that they’re hustling to get off the ground. Being around other people also in hustle mode energized me.

Week one hundred twenty-two was calm. Looking forward to next week.