Weekly Reflection: Week Sixty-Five

Today marks the end of my sixty-fifth week of working from home (mostly). Here are my takeaways from week sixty-five:

  • Travel – It’s summer and lots of people are traveling. They’re making up for lost time and looking for a change of scenery. I’m curious to see how productive this summer is compared to last summer.      
  • NBA playoffs – The Atlanta Hawks made the NBA Eastern Conference finals and won their first game. It’s amazing how much a sports team can unite a city (when they’re winning). If the Hawks make it to the finals and win, that could fuel more momentum for Atlanta.
  • Nonobvious big markets – I’ve been thinking a lot about markets that are both large (or growing quickly) and not obvious to people outside the space.      

Week sixty-five was a steady and productive week. Looking forward to closing out June next week.