Weekly Reflection: Week Sixty-Four

Today marks the end of my sixty-fourth week of working from home (mostly). Here are my takeaways from week sixty-four:

  • Intention – I’m working on being more intentional in areas where I’m weak and need to make progress. This week was good because I came up with a plan to execute on this goal.      
  • Connection – Connecting with people, especially virtually, can be challenging. I was reminded this week how powerful connecting in person can be.  
  • Alignment – When working in groups or teams, alignment is important. Not just at the outset, but always. After a few years of working together, it can slip if you’re not intentional. This week was a good reminder of this.
  • Heat – It’s getting hot and humid. I’m not looking forward to the July and August heat.

Week sixty-four was a productive week. Looking forward to continuing the momentum next week.