Weekly Reflection: Week Two Hundred Fifteen

This is my two-hundred-fifteenth weekly reflection. Here are my takeaways from this week:

  • Struggle This week, I heard from a few people in response to my post about Sheila Johnson’s struggles. Entrepreneurs enjoy hearing about the struggles of other entrepreneurs—not because they wish bad things on others, but because during struggle is when entrepreneurs learn and acquire wisdom that they apply to become successful. Entrepreneurs enjoy hearing about that entire process because it helps give them a better idea of what to do in similar situations.
  • Audio blog I’m still not where I want to be with consistently recording and publishing audio versions of my blog posts. This week I realized a few things that could help me improve this. Planning on testing them next week.  

Week two hundred fifteen was another week of learning. Looking forward to next week!

You can listen to audio versions of my blog posts on Apple here and Spotify here.