Weekly Update (a New Format): Week Two Hundred Nineteen

This is my two-hundred-nineteenth weekly reflection or update.

Two weeks ago, I changed my weekly reflection to a weekly update on a current project. For more on why I made this change, see here.

Current Personal Project: Reading Books about Entrepreneurs and Sharing What I Learned from Them via Blog Posts and Audio Recordings Distributed as a Podcast

Metrics (since 4/1/24):

  • Total audio recordings published: 49 (+7)
  • Total blog posts published: 69 (+7)

What I completed this week:

  • Read a book written by Felix Dennis and the biography of Kirk Kerkorian (see here and here)
  • Had four additional feedback sessions—I missed my target by one for the second straight week
  • Compiled and sorted feedback from sessions completed the week of 5/27/24
  • Tweaked podcast titles
  • Crystallized my “why” for this project in writing
  • Decided to move forward with Amazon affiliate links for books I’ve read
  • Identified two YouTube channels focused on sharing insights from non-entrepreneurial books and studied what makes these channels appeal to listeners
  • Began testing Descript for recording and editing audio


  • Audio content changes: Sharing how I discovered a book, referencing other recordings in the series, and highlighting what questions I’m seeking to answer as I read the book
  • Edited episodes 37 through 48 using Descript to make them more concise
  • The average recording length is still roughly 12 minutes

What I’ll do next week:

  • Read one biography or autobiography
  • Write seven blog posts and record seven audio posts
  • Compile feedback from sessions completed the week of 6/3/24 and identify insights
  • Make changes to audio content based on feedback
  • Edit Jim Simons series using Descript
  • Complete five feedback sessions
  • Implement Amazon affiliate links for books


  • Listen to my most recent audio recordings and provide feedback on how I can improve them

Week two hundred nineteen was another week of learning. Looking forward to next week!

FYI: I’m still playing with the format for this weekly update. I’ll add and remove stuff until I settle on a format I like.

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