Weekly Update: Week Two Hundred Twenty-Three

Current Project: Reading books about entrepreneurs and sharing what I learned from them via blog posts and audio podcasts

Mission: Create a library of wisdom from notable entrepreneurs that current entrepreneurs can leverage to increase their chances of success

Metrics (cumulative since 4/1/24):

  • Total audio recordings published: 76 (+5)
  • Total blog posts published: 98 (+7)
  • Average recording: roughly 16 minutes (+2) for a biography or autobiography

What I completed this week (link to last week’s commitments):

  • Read the autobiography of John H. Johnson, founder and publisher of Jet and Ebony magazines  
  • Attended a two-day podcasting conference
  • Had one additional feedback session
  • Compiled and sorted feedback from sessions completed the week of 6/24/24
  • Updated all links to books in all blog posts (4/1/24 and after) and podcasts with Amazon affiliate links


  • Audio content changes: I lengthened each recording by two minutes by adding more context and comparisons to other entrepreneurs

What I’ll do next week:

  • Read one biography or autobiography
  • Write seven blog posts and record seven audio posts
  • Start reading one of the books about storytelling that I purchased; this is a carryover from last week
  • Complete three feedback sessions
  • Identify two candidates who can help edit recordings


  • Listen to my most recent series on Sam Zell and James Dyson and provide feedback on how I can improve them

Week two hundred twenty-three was another week of learning. Looking forward to next week!

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