What Anyone Can Do to Be in the Top 0.00001%

I heard someone reference a stat today about reading. Reading an hour or two a day puts you in the top 0.00001% of people. I did some digging and found the interview where this statement originated. It was from Naval Ravikant, an investor and entrepreneur who founded AngelList.

Here’s the full quote from Ravikant:

The reality is very few people actually read and actually finish books . . . . The reality is, I don’t actually read that much compared to what people think. I probably read one to two hours a day. That puts me in the top 0.00001%. I think that alone accounts for any material success that I’ve had in my life and any intelligence that I might have because real people don’t read an hour a day . . . .

He went on to say that establishing a daily reading habit is key.

Assuming that Ravikant’s stat is accurate, it’s interesting to ponder how far ahead of everyone else in society reading for an hour a day puts you when the compounding nature of knowledge is factored in. It’s even more interesting to think about the effect that reading the right books for an hour a day can have on an entrepreneur’s chances of success.

Amazingly, reading books is the superpower that’s accessible to all, but most people don’t take advantage of it.

To hear this section of the interview, take a listen here.