What Do Tech and Entertainment Entrepreneurs Have in Common?

I had a great conversation with a good friend today. We talked about traits we’ve noticed in successful entrepreneurs. He shared some insights from his time in entertainment, while mine were from my time and relationships in tech. Interestingly, they overlapped.

  • Learners – Successful people are learners. They’re aware of their gaps and actively seeking to fill them. Sometimes that involves taking on a role in someone else’s organization to set themselves up for future success . . . and perhaps more future success via their own vehicle. They set their ego aside to gain the knowledge they need for the future.
  • Partnership – They recognize that they can’t do it alone and actively seek to partner with others who can help them succeed. Both bringing the right people inside their organization and partnering with the right outside people can work.
  • Accountability – Successful people want to be held accountable and want their teams to be held accountable. They create cultures and put processes in place that reinforce this.

I always enjoy catching up with people in other industries and picking their brains. Today was no different. It reinforced that there are clear patterns and habits that contribute to success!