What’s Important: The Right Answer, Not Being Right

Sean McVay, head coach of the Los Angeles Rams, shared how he led the Rams to win the Super Bowl this year. Sean is the youngest head coach in the NFL. Some of his players are his age or older. I was curious about what he had to say. Part of his formula for success is listening to his players. He acknowledges that he and other coaches don’t have all the answers. He cares about what’s right, not who’s right. This stood out to me and reminded me of something similar Ray Dalio said:

I just want to be right—I don’t care if the right answer comes from me.

Dalio also tweeted a similar thought a few months back.

It’s telling that two credible people in different industries are saying the same thing. If you’re a founder, consider taking a second to ask yourself: Do I care more about being proven right or about getting to the right answer?