When Entrepreneurs Mingle, Opportunities Can Spring from Serendipity

Today I had a chat with an early-stage founder about his origin story. He participated in CREATE‑X’s Startup Launch program at Georgia Tech. He had an idea when he entered the program that he built into a working product with a handful of paying customers with the help of CREATE‑X.

Part of the program involved attending sessions with other founders. At one of those sessions, another founding team asked if anyone could help with ad campaigns and A/B testing, areas this founder was proficient in. He began helping, and after a while he was spending more time on the other team’s solution than on his own. After a few weeks of working well with the team, they asked him to join them as their third founder. He agreed, and now they’ve launched an MVP with paying customers. They’ve all decided to pursue this idea full-time and are looking to raise seed capital.

For entrepreneurs, being around like-minded people who are attempting to accomplish similar things is powerful. Not only do they learn faster because of experience sharing, but being around other founders can lead to serendipitous interactions that result in amazing opportunities. Kudos to this founder and his cofounder for joining CREATE‑X. I’m excited to follow their journey and the company they build!