Will Road Warriors Become an Endangered Species?

It’s likely that some of the workforce will keep working remotely or hybrid going forward. I just don’t see people going back to an office Monday through Friday. One thing I’m unsure about is the future of business travel. I was a road warrior early in my career and know the lifestyle well. Fly out on Monday, fly back on Thursday (if you’re lucky).

During my years of weekly travel, I learned to accept it. But when I stopped, I told myself I never again wanted to travel that much for work. Business travelers have been home for about a year now, and I’m wondering what normal will look like for them. I’m sure they’ve adapted and learned to close deals and effectively address client concerns via video. In-person contact will still be valuable and business travel will continue, but at what frequency? Monthly or quarterly instead of weekly?

I don’t know the answer, but whatever it is, it will have broad ramifications. For example, business travelers were the most profitable customers for airlines. If they return at 50% medium term, what will that do to the industry? And to hotels and credit card companies?

I’m curious about what the new normal will be for business travel and how affected industries will adapt. It could be a huge entrepreneurial opportunity in the making.