Working from Home: Week Fifteen

Today marked the end of my fifteenth week of working from home. Here are my takeaways from week fifteen:

  • Awareness – Knowing my weaknesses and asking people who are strong in those areas for help was beneficial this week. One person pointed out one of my blind spots, which allowed me to make a better decision quickly.
  • New things – I learned a lot of new things this week. Personal and professional things. I’m excited about using what I learned. I like learning, and this week reminded me of that.
  • Catching up – I talked to a few people I hadn’t spoken with in some time. It always feels good to catch up with folks. Every time, I’m surprised by how much I get from these conversations.  

Week fifteen was a good week. It hit me that it’s been almost four months. That’s a third of the year. I’m starting to wonder if where we are now is the new norm.

I’ll continue to learn from this unique situation, adjust as necessary, and share my experience.