Working from Home: Week Nineteen

Today marked the end of my nineteenth week of working from home. Here are my takeaways from week nineteen:

  • Month five – It’s been almost five months. This experience has been surreal and there’s no end in sight. Looks like I’ll be working from home for many more months. I won’t be surprised if I’m still doing it next year.
  • Focus – A unique opportunity came up this week. I chose to focus on it and forego making progress in other areas. I’m glad I did. But next week, I’ll try a more balanced approach.
  • Communication – I use Zoom and email every day, but I’m starting to wonder if there are other communication methods that would also be effective. I’ll do some research on this over the next few weeks.  

Week nineteen was a good week. No major takeaways.

I’ll continue to learn from this unique situation, adjust as necessary, and share my experience.