Working from Home: Week Twenty-Six

Today marked the end of my twenty-sixth week of working from home (mostly). Here are my takeaways from week twenty-six:

  • Transition – This was the second week in my new role at Outlander. I’m doing a few things at once. Learning a new industry. Working with a new team. At a brand-new firm. All amid a pandemic. I don’t foresee any dull moments anytime soon. I’m excited about embarking on this journey and helping early founders.
  • Strained eyes – My eyestrain worsened drastically this week, resulting in headaches. I had to step away from my computer for long stretches, which limited my productivity. I researched and ordered some blue-light glasses. I hope they help. I think my eyes are over this pandemic.
  • Reflection – I had a few people ask about the new role (before I made it public) and how it came about. As I described the journey, I realized I wasn’t consistent and left things out. I felt like I was shortchanging those who were interested enough to ask. So I decided to think it through, document it, and share it. The process was more involved than I realized. Recording it for posterity took much longer than I planned, but I’m glad I did it. I hope reading about my journey of self-discovery is helpful to other people contemplating major life changes.

Week twenty-six was a hectic one. I’m pretty worried about the eyestrain issue. I hope I can figure out a solution quickly. Otherwise, work will be very challenging.      

I’ll continue to learn from this unique situation, adjust as necessary, and share my experience.