$100K Investment from Outlander

Outlander Labs held a virtual pitch competition today. It was an opportunity for innovative startups in the Southeast to compete for a $100K investment. Lots of great applicants were whittled down to these six finalists:

  • All Access Advance – Nashville, TN – A platform for managing touring artists, venues, and events in real time from a single dashboard
  • City Shoppe – Austin, TX – A two-sided marketplace and software platform that helps consumers “shop their values” and helps local brands and retailers get discovered and reach a larger audience
  • Linguix – Miami, FL – An AI-based writing assistant and language learning engine
  • OrderNerd – Atlanta, GA – A platform for restaurants that consolidates third-party online ordering platforms onto one pane of glass
  • Prospectus.ai – Charlotte, NC – A sales intelligence tool designed to create an internal relationship graph that companies can leverage by making introduction requests that will generate warm leads
  • SportAI – Birmingham, AL – A mobile app integrated with AI that optimizes your fantasy sports lineups and, more importantly, helps anyone understand fantasy sports

The founders did an outstanding job pitching, and I enjoyed hearing about their companies. Can’t wait to track these companies—I’m sure they’ll all do amazing things.

It was a tough decision, but I’m happy to announce that City Shoppe was the winner! Congrats to City Shoppe and to the other founders for building interesting companies.