Create Value to Control Your Destiny

I connected with an early-stage founder who spent a few years building some amazing technology. He released the beta version of his product within the last seven months. To his surprise, he’s received two unsolicited acquisition offers. He’s now deciding whether he should raise capital to grow or be acquired (he’d become an employee of the acquiring company).

This founder is in a great position. Users are signing up and paying for the early version of his product. Two larger companies want to acquire the technology. These are signs that the solution he built is creating value. He has a difficult choice to make. I have no idea which way he’ll go, but I’m sure his decision will be well thought-out and he’ll do well.

I think this founder’s situation is one other founders should take note of. Why is he in a position to choose his destiny? Because he hyper-focused on solving a single problem extremely well. His solution is creating massive value that others are happy to pay for!