1100+ Consecutive Posts

Earlier this month marked three consecutive years of sharing my thoughts publicly. I started posting on March 9, 2020 (my first post) because of a friend’s challenge. Here are my takeaways from my third year of posting:

  • Reflection frequency –The more time between reflection periods, the less likely I am to uncover valuable insights because there’s more information. The more information to consider, the less likely I am to make connections between nonobvious pieces of information. Reflecting daily allows me to think more deeply about a shorter time period (less information) and identify nonobvious insights.
  • Second-level thinking – Posting daily has enhanced my second-level thinking.
  • Conviction – I have more conviction about my non-consensus views that have resulted from this process.
  • Clarity of thought – Writing has helped me think more clearly on important topics. I’ve noticed this, and people close to me have commented on it too.
  • Public thinking – Public writing leads to better outcomes than writing privately because it forces more clarity of thought.
  • Second nature – The habit of posting daily is second nature to me now, which I enjoy.
  • Quality – Every post isn’t going to be Pulitzer piece. That’s OK and normal given the daily frequency of this habit. Life is more eventful sometimes, and my posts reflect that.
  • Appetite to learn – My appetite to learn has always been high, but it’s increased. I want to consume more information that I can reflect on and write about.
  • Compounding knowledge – Consuming new information daily, reflecting on it daily, and writing about it daily is an effective process for building knowledge in a compounding manner.
  • Topics – My writing has shifted from my experience as an e-commerce entrepreneur to my future as an investor entrepreneur.

I’m glad I picked up this habit and have stuck with it. It isn’t always easy, but after three years I can see that the positive far outweighs the negative. I want to keep this habit going and can’t wait to see what year four has in store!