A Resource for Learning about Business Models

I’ve been learning about business models in different industries for a few years. SEC filings of publicly traded companies have been great for companies I’ve wanted to take a dive deep into, but I wanted an additional resource. One that would help with discovery of companies and industries I’m less familiar with. One that could help me efficiently learn about new business models at a high level.

This week I found the Business Breakdowns podcast and have enjoyed listening to several episodes. It breaks down public and private companies, which I really like, and covers a broad range of industries. Some of the companies profiled I would have never thought to research, or wouldn’t have been able to because they’re private. The episodes I’ve listened to have been helpful and have gotten me thinking more about various ways of charging for the value you provide to customers.

If you’re interested in learning how different companies generate revenue and think about their business, consider giving the podcast a listen.