An Atlanta Real Estate Agent’s Perspective

I caught up with a friend who’s been a real estate agent in Atlanta for over fifteen years. She shared some of the things she’s seeing.

  • A steady flow of out-of-state buyers are visiting Atlanta on weekends specifically to look for homes.
  • A large percentage of the offers she receives for her listings are from out-of-state buyers.
  • She sold a house within the last twelve months to an out-of-state buyer who paid all cash.
  • Single-family homes priced below $450,000 are generating multiple offers and regularly selling for over ask with extremely seller-friendly terms.
  • Demand for entry-level housing is massive, but there’s very little supply. This problem is likely to persist.

It was interesting to hear my friend’s firsthand perspective. Atlanta is an amazing city, and lots of people are moving here from other states. As it continues to attract more people, my friend will continue to observe the same things.

Affordability and quality of life are big parts of what makes Atlanta a desirable place—a place that people want to put down roots in and call home. Housing is key to both. I’ll continue to keep a pulse on the Atlanta market.