Bad Days Are Par for the Course for Founders

Part of being a founder is having some rough days. Nothing will be going right. Just when you think it can’t get any worse . . . it does. It can feel like you’re being kicked while you’re down. The reality is that this is par for the course. You can’t eliminate bad days—that’s out of your control. What you can do is change how you react to them and minimize the mental toll they take on you.

I listened to a seasoned founder describe how he thinks about bad days. He said that everybody’s bad-day survival rate is 100%. He believes eventually you get out of your bad day—as long as you wake up the next day. It’s an interesting way of saying that this too shall pass.

I totally agree with this founder. When you have a bad day, keep in mind it’s just that. A bad day. You’ve had many good days, and you’ll have them again. Don’t dwell on the bad day or let it throw you off mentally. Tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start.