Is Creativity Node Based?

Entrepreneurs are often considered creative people because they think of solutions others haven’t. I recently listened to someone share an interesting perspective on creative people. He thinks of creativity as the ability to connect dots. He doesn’t believe creative people are creating ideas out of thin air. They’ve had more life experiences, talked to more people, consumed more knowledge. They have more nodes that can be connected. They’re able to come up with things people with fewer nodes can’t.

I’ve been thinking about this today, and I’m undecided about whether I agree. It’s an interesting way to think about creativity. If it’s accurate, it implies that creativity isn’t something people are born with. People can enhance their creativity by intentionally amassing more nodes. Understanding this could be enough to inspire people to believe in themselves and put in the work to become creative people. That change in mindset could be powerful and lead to significant change.

I’ll think about it more and get others’ perspectives.