Follow-Up to My Diversity-of-Thought Post

Yesterday I shared my ideas on how diversity of thought can help smaller communities. A buddy responded with a few of his:

  • Insular – He used this word instead of “smaller,” and it got me thinking. The size of the community likely isn’t the right way to describe what I’m referring to. Lots of progressive, innovative communities aren’t huge. Though small, they’re generally receptive to new ideas, even from outsiders. “Insular” is a better adjective.
  • Conduit – He’s noticed that he has a different network than most in his hometown, an insular community. He’s credible in both communities and can lend credibility to both sides. Start-ups and people from the insular community that he introduces to his network are embraced with open arms and may even get opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t. And he’s able to convince people from his network to visit his hometown. When they do, they’re embraced with open arms by locals because of their connection with my buddy. If he didn’t act as a conduit, the two communities would tend to distrust one another. When he does, though, the people in both have open minds and generally have a great experience and positive impression of each other when all is said and done.

I’m glad my buddy shared his thoughts with me. I think he made some great points. The conduit role he described is a great third way to foster diversity of thought and help insular communities thrive. I’m looking forward to my thoughts evolving more around this topic.