Coming to My Own Conclusions

Today I spent time learning about a company. Generally, public perception of it is slightly negative. I’ve followed the company for some time, and after my research today I arrived at a different conclusion. I’m bullish on the company. I think it has a good future. I shared this opinion with a few friends, who all pointed to public sentiment. They suggested the crowd is likely right and it’s not a wise investment.

Today reminded me of my early days as a founder: I see something others don’t. When I explain what I see, others dismiss it or disagree. After I start my company and we have meaningful traction, others begin to believe what I’d always believed—that my startup could be something big.

The fact that others don’t see the potential in this company signals to me that it could be an opportunity for an outsize return. These types of opportunities don’t come along often. I’ll continue to research and will likely go with my (educated) instincts and pull the trigger on this investment.