Community Lead Growth

I recently spoke with a founder who shared an interesting vision of the future of community. He believes community lead growth will be a way for companies to acquire and retain customers. Companies will create digital communities where people of similar interests come together. The company will support each community and provide resources to help it thrive. It will become the go-to place for people interested in its topic. People will go to not only learn but also share their expertise. Users will become loyal customers and evangelists for the community, the company, and the company’s brand. It will mushroom— more people will contribute to the community; the company will get more customers. There’s more to it, but you get the gist.

I’ve shared my thoughts on community before. The world has evolved so much in the last year. People are seeking digital communities focused on the things that matter to them. I think providing them is a huge opportunity. I like this founder’s idea, and I see it as a way for companies to connect with people in an authentic manner. I’m interested to learn more about community lead growth and how technology can support this movement.