December Mad Dash

During the Thanksgiving holiday, I caught up with friends who work in various industries and asked how 2021 has been for them. Their responses were consistent: it’s been busy for all of them. The companies they work for (or own) are growing, and some are having a hard time keeping up with all the growth.

Today I looked at the calendar and thought about the rest of the year. We have about three-and-a-half workweeks until Christmas. Once Christmas hits, it’s pencils down, as the year is essentially over for many (not all) industries.

I think December 2021 is going to be the last leg of a spectacular year. We’re not going to see a holiday-season slowdown: the next three-and-a-half weeks will be a mad dash for many people who want to close out the year strong. And I’m one of them—looking forward to it!