Embracing My Holiday State of Mind

This past week was a much-needed holiday. After not celebrating Thanksgiving or Christmas in 2020, I’ve been looking forward to this holiday season. I went into Thanksgiving excited and also focused on being more intentional. I was looking forward to spending time with others, and I wanted that time to be high quality—I wanted to be present and engaged. I tend to not be as engaged if I’m in work mode, so I decided to not look at anything work related through Saturday. Overall, I think the mission was accomplished. I enjoyed the holidays, was able to unplug a bit, and was mentally as well as physically present with people I care about.

Today I started to prepare for the coming week and noticed I wasn’t being very productive. It was taking me longer to get things done and I wasn’t as focused as usual. I guess I was having a bit of an off day during my holiday. Today is Sunday, and my brain refuses to leave holiday mode even though I wanted to put it in work mode. Instead of fighting it, I recognized what was happening and leaned into it. It’s been two years since I had Thanksgiving, and it’s clearly something I’ve missed. I decided to put the work away and enjoy the last day of my Thanksgiving holiday!