Picks and Shovels for Creators

I enjoy spending free time learning about new things online. When I find something I want to learn more about, I seek out credible people who’ve created useful content on the topic. I’ve been amazed by some of the videos I’ve found since the pandemic began. The content and production quality are impressive. The creators take what they’re doing seriously, which has resulted in large, faithful audiences. A few have been producing videos for less than a year, but you’d never know that from the quality and frequency of their content.

The trend of individuals monetizing content is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. More subject matter experts will monetize their knowledge and create followings. This got me thinking about picks-and-shovels opportunities. Much of this content is created by a single person or very small team. I suspect many are limited in their abilities and would welcome opportunities to do more with less or the same thing in less time. And I suspect the market for tools to support these creators is small but growing quickly.

I believe an opportunity exists for entrepreneurs to build a big business helping creators via software. These creators are small businesses or sole proprietorships, so there’s an opportunity to build a large and sticky customer base. They probably aren’t using any software now, so they don’t expect a perfect product. The market is small, so I doubt it’s on the radar screen of large software companies because it won’t move the needle on their sales now.

As I continue learning online, I’ll be paying close attention to what tools these creators adopt. I think that someone who deeply understands their pain points will strike entrepreneurial gold by solving their problems.