Founders Are Shifting Their Focus

Over the last year, I’ve watched a number of founders I’m close to go from “what traction do I need to show to raise my next round” to “how can I get to breakeven?” The time it’s taken to make this mental shift has varied, usually based on how much cash they had in the bank. The less cash, the quicker the realization.

I’m a fan of this mindset change. Focusing on reducing cash burn can change a culture in a positive way. The team realizes that resources are scarce and becomes more efficient in using them. People stop throwing money at problems and start coming up with creative, out-of-the-box solutions and ideas. All of this increases the probability that the company will create a solution that customers want and will pay for continually.

One of my closest friends put it best: “I’ve done my best work when running out of money was a real possibility.”