From Stable Job to Thriving Entrepreneur

Met with a friend today who runs his own company. Seven years ago, he told me he was thinking of making the leap. He’d had a stable job for many years, though, and wasn’t sure how he or his family would weather the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. But he was passionate about the industry. In the end he decided to jump. His wife was supportive (given that certain conditions were met beforehand), and they lived a modest lifestyle. He started the business on nights and weekends. After getting some traction, he went full-time with his wife’s blessing.  

Fast forward to today. He has a booming company that’s growing fast and a big vision. He plans to build a massive company. At the moment, he’s working through how to scale operations while maintaining the quality his customers have come to expect. We talked about how software could be what’s missing. I’m planning to connect him with some software founders who are building products for his industry.

I’m glad my friend bet on himself and that things are working out. I look forward to following his journey and have no doubt that his vision will become his reality!