Getting Started Is Easier Than Ever

I remember spending tons of time when I started my company trying to understand my company formation options and completing lots of paperwork. Should I be an LLC, S corp, or C corp? Funnily enough, I did a lot of it incorrectly and needed a startup lawyer to fix it years later. There was so much I didn’t know or understand. It was a real pain.

A founder recently shared his experience of forming his company. It was the polar opposite of mine. Using Stripe Atlas, he answered a few questions online and had his company formed in a few days. It was painless. The service even allowed him to establish a banking relationship in a few clicks. (I tip my hat to Stripe—this service is a great way for them to snag new customers for their other products.)

I love how friction is being removed for founders. It’s easier than ever to get the administrative tasks of starting a company done. Founders can now spend more of their time on what matters most instead of learning about things they’ll do only once in their life.

If you’re considering starting a company, focus on building a great solution for your customers, not admin stuff. There are apps for that!