Alternative Asset Classes

I’ve always been a fan of nice shoes. There’s an old saying: when you look good, you feel good. I think shoes are a big part of that. Shoes have transcended their purpose as foot coverings and become an asset class. And marketplaces like GOAT and StockX have helped illuminate just how much enthusiasts value shoes.

This got me thinking more about alternative asset classes. I’d imagine there are other tangible items that are prime to be turned into an alternative asset class. Their intended purpose at creation was X, but people now place more value on them—to the point that they don’t plan to use them as X. Instead, they’ll prize them for their monetary value or put them on display, or both.

Lots of items have been turned into alternative asset classes already (think art and wine), but I believe there’s a second-wave opportunity. Somebody with vision just needs to recognize a category of items that’s never been thought of as an asset class but that now resonates more with the masses or perhaps with younger generations and that owners value immensely. When they do, they’ll have a big opportunity to help owners legitimize the category as an alternative asset class.

If you’re a founder and passionate about something you own, consider solving this problem for yourself and others. It could be a huge market.